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Accessories for Hammocks and Hanging Chairs

Buy your hammock suspension materials at The Hammock. The most relaxed shop for hammock and hanging chair suspension materials. No account needed! Free shipping & returns.

Accessories for your hammock and hanging chair

Of course, you do also have to hang your hammock or hanging chair in a nice spot.
With our handy suspension kits, that'll be a piece of cake!

We recommend that you order one of our suspension kits. That way, you have all the materials you need to hang your hammock or hanging chair correctly.

Huge range of suspension materials for every hammock or hanging chair

Still in need of suspension materials to hang your hammock or hanging chair, or do you want to make it even more comfortable and attractive?
The Hammock offers a wide range of hammock accessories, including suspension kits and pillows.
By adding pillows, you make the hammock or hanging chair not just more attractive but also more comfortable.

We have a wide selection of suspension materials, so you can easily hang your hammock or hanging chair.
We not only offer individual suspension materials, but also complete fixings/suspension kits.
These sets are a complete package containing everything you need to hang your hammock or hanging chair.

Hanging a hammock

Are you unsure how you can attach a hammock to a tree or hang it between two walls?
We've written a handy hammock hanging guide for this.

Still have any questions about hanging your hammock or hanging chair? Then please get in touch with us.
You can call our customer service number.