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Palm Trees - The Hammock


What are the delivery costs of my order?

⚠️ Update: We always ship your order on the same working day. The delivery companies also do their utmost. However, due to the enormous workload of the delivery companies there may be a delay. Especially for large boxes (hammock stands), you should take a delay into account.

Please send us an e-mail if after 5 days + normal shipping time no delivery has taken place.

Delivery time* Shipping cost* Return cost*
  • Belgium
1 day Free Free
  • Luxembourg
1 day Free Free
  • Netherlands
1 day Free Free
  • Germany
1-2 days Free Free
  • Austria
2 days Free Free
  • Denmark
2 days Free Free
  • Czechia
2-3 days Free Free
  • France
2-3 days Free Free
  • Italy
2-3 days Free Free
  • Poland
2-3 days Free Free
  • Spain
2-3 days Free Free
  • United Kingdom         
2-3 days                           Free                          Free                    
  • Norway
2-4 days Free Free
  • Sweden
2-4 days Free Free
  • Switzerland
2-4 days Free Free
  • Ireland
3-4 days Free Free
  • Portugal
3-4 days Free Free
  • Finland
3-5 days Free Free
  • Bulgaria / Croatia / Estonia / Greece / Hungary / Latvia / Lithuania / Romania / Slovakia / Slovenia
3-7 days € 34,95 € 34,95

* Delivery time: Assuming normal bustle with our carriers.

* Shipping costs: Orders with a value above €25 will be shipped for free. Otherwise € 6.95 / £6.95.

* Return costs: Orders with a value above €25 can be returned for free. Otherwise € 6.95 / £6.95.

When will my order be delivered?

If you have placed your order and paid on weekdays before 16:00 hours, we will process your order the same day and hand it over to the carrier. For delivery times per country see the list above.

Did you choose payment by bank transfer? Then your order will be handed over when the payment is received. Usually this takes 1 to 3 days.

You will receive the Track & Trace by e-mail. When your order has been scanned in the first sorting centre, the track and trace will become active. Normally this is after 20:00 on weekdays.

How do I see if a product is in stock?

The stock status is stated on the product page. If the product is not in stock, you will receive an extra message in the shopping cart screen.

What happens when I order multiple products with different delivery times?

We wait until the order is complete so that we can send it to you in one go. If you would prefer to receive one product earlier, place two separate orders.

Who delivers my order?

Almost all deliveries are carried out by DPD and GLS. They will deliver your order during the day to the delivery address indicated by you.

If you have any problems with the delivery, please contact the carrier directly or contact our customer service.

DPD DPD UK: Visit website, call 0121 275 0500

DPD DPD IE: Visit website, call 090 64 20500

GLS GLS IE: Visit website, call 018 606 200

What happens if I am not at home during delivery?

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the carrier delivers your package to the nearest parcel shop or will come again the next day.

A notice left in your (e-)mailbox or on the track and trace page indicates at which parcel shop your package has been left or that they will come again next day.

You are responsible for picking up your parcel on time at the parcel shop. If you do not pick up the parcel within five days, it will be returned to us. We will then deduct €6.95 / £6.95 from the amount to be refunded.

Can I arrange a delivery appointment?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to arrange a delivery appointment. We are fully dependent on the carrier and the driving route.

In most cases you will receive a time slot when they will come by. It is also possible to give new instructions at that time. Such as drop-off permission or delivery to a parcel shop.

If you give a drop off permission then you are responsible for the parcel. You cannot hold us or the carrier liable for missing, stolen or wet parcels.

Can my order be sent directly to a parcel shop?

That is possible. Choose "Parcel shop delivery" in the checkout as shipping method. You will see a map with the parcel shops around the address you entered. Click on the picture of a parcel shop of your choice and click on 'Choose this collection point'. The data will be displayed in the Checkout screen and you can complete the order further.

The shipping address remains unchanged on our order confirmation, but the address of the parcel shop is indicated on the track and trace.

You are responsible for picking up your parcel on time at the parcel shop. If you do not pick up the parcel within five days, it will be returned to us. We will then deduct € 6.95 / £6.95 from the amount to be refunded.

Some parcel shops close during the holiday periods. It is therefore possible that a parcel shop is no longer active at the time of dispatch. We will then automatically send the parcel to your home address.

My package has not been scanned for days?

Check your email and spam folder to see if the carrier has asked you for new delivery instructions.

We always ship your order the same working day. Sometimes the package is not scanned the same day, but only a few days later in the country of destination.

It is good to know that the hammock season coincides with the spring peak and the holiday period. In the spring, the carriers are extra busy because of the many large garden items that are ordered. There is simply less space in a delivery van. Even in the summer when the delivery drivers take their well-deserved vacation, it is complicated for the carriers to complete the planning. This may delay your package.

Send us an e-mail only if there is still no new scan after 5 days.

My package has been delivered but I have not received anything?

It sometimes happens that you receive an e-mail that the package has been delivered, but that you have not received anything.

Officially, you as the recipient always have to sign. In practice, deliverers sometimes want to choose a different solution and do not always pass this on correctly.

Go through the following steps:

  • Check your email and spam folder to see if the carrier has sent you additional information.
  • Check whether the package has not been returned and has been delivered to us in the Netherlands (return).*
  • Check your mailbox for the package or a message from the carrier.
  • Look around the house to see if the package has not been placed under a carport or in an open shed.
  • Ask your family members if they happened to receive the package.
  • Ask your neighbors if they have received the package.

If the above is not the case, please contact the carrier first. Often they can help you immediately. For example, they have the GPS location where the status has been changed by the delivery person.

DPD DPD UK: Visit website, call 0121 275 0500

DPD DPD IE: Visit website, call 090 64 20500

GLS GLS IE: Visit website, call 018 606 200

Can't the carrier help you further? Please contact our customer service at.

Is the package really lost? Then the carrier will always ask you to fill in and sign the following form so that they can start an official investigation: download form. You can already send the completed form so that we can act faster.

* Has the package been returned to us? We automatically transfer the money back to your account within 10 days, you will receive an email from us about this. You can also send us an email with instructions to send the package again.

Palm Trees - The Hammock


Where is The Hammock situated?

We are located in Dedemsvaart. This is in the east of the Netherlands. Our exact address is:

The Hammock
Fahrenheitstraat 5
7701 BV Dedemsvaart
The Netherlands

What are your opening hours?

We are open on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 09:00 - 17:00.

Before visiting us, please contact customer service first, because sometimes we are very busy or temporarily absent.

Is it possible to pay when picking up the order?

Yes it's possible to pay in cash. We don't have an ATM, but you can withdraw money in the town center.

Can I also view and test the products first?

We do not have all our products on display. But we have all the hammocks, hammock chairs, stands and other products in stock so you can try almost all hammocks and hammock chairs!

Tip: only come and try out the hammock if you are well rested. You would not be the first to fall asleep in one of the hammocks!

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Emma Pearson

Call The Hammock Hotline