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Double Hammocks - 2 Persons Hammock - For true hammock fans!

Buy your double hammock at The Hammock. The most relaxed shop for 2 persons hammocks. No account needed! Free shipping & returns.

Double hammocks - 2 Persons Hammock - Lounge around together!

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The bigger the hammock, the better

When you can't decide between a few hammocks, choose the largest. Large hammocks are the most relaxed.
That's why we recommend our double hammocks to everyone, even if you're going to be relaxing on your own.
Go into total relaxation mode with a spacious family hammock.

Double Hammocks - Enjoy the hammock together!

What's even better than enjoying the nice weather in a hammock? Enjoying it with someone!
With our double hammocks, the two of you can relax together.

Double hammocks are hammocks that are sturdy enough to hold at least 2 people.
The capacity of a double hammock is usually from 150 kg. A lot of double hammocks can handle a max weight of up to 200 kg.

The width of the double hammock is important as well, because you initially have to lie in a hammock diagonally.
Usually a double hammock is at least 150 cm wide.

The length of a double hammock is less important because you lie in it diagonally.
The length of a double hammock is usually from 220 cm.

Going solo in a double hammock? No problemo!

A double hammock is also highly recommended if you want to lie in a hammock by yourself. Because these hammocks are wider, they are more comfortable to lie in.
You can easily lie diagonally in one of these, which is less possible in the smaller version.

You're in safe hands when you buy from The Hammock. So you can fully relax!