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Family Hammocks - Extra large hammocks - For true hammock fans!

Buy your family hammock at The Hammock. The most relaxed shop for large family hammocks. No account needed! Free shipping & returns.

Family hammocks - Extra large hammocks for 2-4 people

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Did you know our hammocks are delivered super fast?
Order before 4 p.m. for shipping tomorrow, and the hammock can be returned for free within 365 days!

The bigger the hammock, the better

When you can't decide between a few hammocks, choose the largest. Large hammocks are the most relaxed.
That's why we recommend our double hammocks to everyone, even if you're going to be relaxing on your own.
Go into total relaxation mode with a spacious family hammock.

Family Hammocks - Not just for resting but for playing as well!

Family hammocks are extra large, making them ideal for 2-4 people to relax (two adults + children).
Relax with the whole family in a family hammock.

Family hammocks are large and very strong XL hammocks. Because of their size and maximum capacity, they are suitable for holding several people.
Our family hammocks are extra long, wide and strong. Perfect for the whole family!

Of course, these hammocks are also very comfortable if you're on your own.
In a hammock - if you want to lie in it properly - you have to lie diagonally.
With an XL or family hammock, this works superbly, because it's wide enough for you to lie fully across it.

Do family hammocks fit in the stands?

Almost all of our family hammocks fit in our stands. The product page for each family hammock indicates which stand is suitable for it.
Our wooden stands, for example, go up to 200 kg. An excellent choice for a family hammock!

You're in safe hands when you buy from The Hammock. So you can fully relax!