Use and Maintenance

A hammock from The Hammock is extremely good quality, ensuring that you can enjoy your hammock for years to come. However, improper use and maintenance may cause the hammock to wear out more quickly or even get broken.

To prevent premature wear, we have put together a number of tips and tricks below for the use and maintenance of your hammock.

Before use

Before you can use the hammock, you must first hang it properly.

Check the suspension points before use. Make sure that they are strong enough to easily hold the weight. Bear in mind that rocking or moving around increases the pressure on the suspension points. If you're not sure, it's better to use a different location.

The ideal height to hang a hammock is 150-180 cm. The middle part of the hammock will then hang 30-50 cm from the ground.

Every time you're about to use the hammock, check that there are no tears, openings, holes or other damage that could cause dangerous situations.

During use

The most comfortable way to lie in the hammock is diagonally. Your back is less bent, which means that you can really relax in the hammock. It also prevents back problems.

Take off your shoes when using the hammock. Also make sure you don't have any sharp objects (such as keys) in your pockets, as these can damage the hammock.

Ensure that the hammock's maximum capacity is not exceeded.

Never use a stand or another product if screws or other parts are missing or incorrectly attached.

Maintenance of your hammock or hanging chair

Our hammocks are made from cotton. Cotton is a natural product and the most comfortable material to use for a hammock. One of the characteristics of cotton is that it is breathable, so your body can breathe while you're laying on it. This keeps your body temperature as even as possible. However, the material will discolor over time due to the sun's effects.

Never leave a hammock hanging outside in rain, frost or other negative weather conditions.

Clean the stand after use and store it indoors in the winter. Don't expose the stand to weather conditions that may influence the stand.

Carry out a thorough check-up and maintenance at least once a year.

The Hammock is not responsible for potential injury or damage caused by the use of our products. The Hammock can therefore never be held responsible for damage caused during or due to the use of our products.