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Hammock stands - For true hammock fans!

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Hammock stands

Good news! Our wooden hammock stands are fully FSC certified.
The metal stands have been coated to prevent rust.

Metal or wooden hammock stand?

A metal hammock stand is slightly lighter than a wooden hammock stand. This makes the stand easier to move.
However, a wooden hammock stand often looks better in the garden.

Determine the correct length

To determine the correct length of your hammock stand, you first need to know the total length of the hammock (including ropes).
The minimum and maximum suspension length is shown for each hammock stand.

Tip: For all of our hammocks, the product page states which stand is suitable.

Hammock stands - A great addition to any garden!

Do you have a hammock, but no trees in the garden or on your terrace? Or are you reluctant to fix the hammock in just one place?
Then a hammock stand from The Hammock is the ideal solution. Our hammock stands are also beautifully finished.

Plus the hammock stands have free shipping!

Hammock stands are available in various styles and price ranges. Have you found the right one? Order it online quickly and easily.
We then ensure fast delivery and free shipping within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

You've come to the right place not just for a hammock stand, but also for hammocks and hanging chairs. View our selection online!

You're in safe hands when you buy from The Hammock. So you can fully relax!